We take our environmental responsibility seriously

Exponet is inherently an environmentally sustainable business based on the fact we re-use our entire product, from hire furniture to carpet tiles and system components. We constantly re-use our products in new and imaginative combinations for feature areas and custom stands.

The Octanorm system is recognised world-wide as an Exhibition standard for modular builds.

It is comprised of many aluminium components that can be reused over and over offering a strong sustainable product for exhibition builds.

We offer storage options to all Organisers and stand builders allowing manufactured items increased life and reuse, saving disposal waste and land-fill.

Everything from signage to entire stands can be stored in our warehouses for future years and events.

We have worked hard to streamline our transport and logistics process for both company efficiency and environmental impact.

With internal logistics software assisting in calculating all transport, labour and freight requirements - lowering our emissions and fuel waste.

Each of our main office facilities utilise large water run-off tank storage and water recycling for various uses, saving our precious water resource across all 3 states.

Our technology advances have streamlined every operation and process within the company.

Increasing our efficiencies and reducing our uses and reliance on materials such as paper and inks.

Technology is also assisting our logistics teams in truck loading and transport.

Furniture and carpet is always cleaned after each exhibition by our Furniture and Warehouse teams using eco-friendly products and offering quality finishes ready for your next exhibition.

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