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Lighting can transform your event or exhibition. We have the most extensive range of electrical equipment specifically for exhibitions and events; this includes all cabling and switchboards, as well as numerous other lighting options.

Feature colours are also available in addition to our standard exhibition colours of charcoal and blueberry.

We are continually investing in carpet to deliver quality flooring to your exhibitions.

Raised flooring is used in many of our exhibitions to highlight feature areas. We have white and beech 32mm raised flooring as well as a number of other options.

Our standard exhibition carpet consists of 3mm 1x1m carpet tiles in 2 colours -

Blueberry Carpet Charcoal Carpet
Blueberry Charcoal

Tiles are regularly cleaned and maintained and are laid by experience build crews to the exact layout of your exhibition.

Tiles can also be trimmed to set sizes or angles for additional costs if required.

To complement our Standard Carpet, we offer several Feature Carpet colours to add some pop or direction to your show floor -

Black Carpet Red Carpet Bright Blue Carpet
Black Red Bright Blue

Usage examples include: Aisle spots, stand borders and centre aisles.

Needlepunch carpet offers a seamless look as we utilise 3m wide rolls of bold coloured material.

Colours include:

Black Carpet Red Carpet Black Carpet
Black Red Blue
Black Carpet Black Carpet
Green Pink

This carpet can be used within aisles, feature areas and is offered as an Exhibitor upgrade for their stands.

32mm Raised flooring offers a high-quality look to your Feature Areas.

Colour options include:

Beech Timber Flooring White Flooring
Beech Timber White

Floors are fitted using 1x1m 16mm MDF tiles with metallic edge ramps around all exposed stand sides.

115mm Raised flooring platforms deliver a strong platform for your stand.

Material options are varied and can use tiles larger than 1x1m.

Edge can be straight drops to create platforms or edge-ramped for disability access.

For extra company branding, all of our floor types can be customised with your logo or corporate colours for additional cost.

Talk to your sales representative about options that may work for you.

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