Putting you and your event in focus

Take your event’s audio visual production to the next level with sound, lighting and production solutions from ExpoNet. Our team are one of the best in the business when it comes to audio visual and staging production for functions, events and conferences.

We provide the ultimate combination of know-how and equipment to produce spectacular results that ensure you and your clients are in focus.

Keep your media moving on our range of quality flat screens.

Ranging in size from 32" right up to enormous 90" screens, you'll find what you need with the accessories to match.

Please talk with a sales representative about your screen options as larger screens require specific mounting methods for safety.

Put your website on display or offer signup forms within your welcome areas using our range of computers and tablet products and stands.

For registration areas you can use our iPad Kiosk that holds 4 iPads in a quality Octanorm-built pod with event branding opportunities.

LED Walls offer the opportunity to showcase your media across large surface areas and can be located at ground level or even hung from overhead truss.

There are different resolution options for LED walls depending on viewing distances along with other quality control options.

Talk to your sales representative about LED wall options for your exhibition.

To help save time and money, we offer AV packages that include video or audio products alongside stands or display cabinets.

Utilise these package options for your event for faster ordering and a guarantee that you have everything you need for your presentation.

From speakers to microphones, we have the audio products you need,


headset mics

wireless mics

mountable speakers and more

Make sure your event launch or conference is heard by your attendees and talk with our AV team to ensure you order the best product for your needs.

From small seminar theatres to large-scale conference keynotes we have the experience to deliver your presentation with quality products and technology.

Projectors and projector screens, media players, lecterns and easels are all on offer as part of our range.

Stage components are also available including 300mmH and 600mmH sections with side stage steps if required.

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